Thai Lanna Massage


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Traditional Thai massage

The body of the client will be brought in several yoga-positions during the massage,You will be worked with knees and ellbows and sometimes even with the full weight of the masseuse. Oil we don’t use.Thai massage prevents and is a remedy both physical as psychic complaints and stimulates the bloodcircualation and the lymphsystem because of what people get energy by again. Chronical fatigue, back and neck complaints,headache,stiff muscles and joints and a bad bloodcirculation can be fixed through Thai massage. It care’s suppling the tissue (scin,muscle,nerves and joints) and improves the bloodcirculation. It contends with stress and reduces depressive feelings.


Thai foot massage

This is a alternative way of healing, that activates the natural healing proces and bloodcirculation of the body. At Thai footmassage the pressure points on the footsole get stimulated with the fingers or with a massagestick. One of the main goals of Thai footmassage is reducing the tension on physical and psychic area. It improves the bloodcirculation, activates the organs and stimulates the nerves. The Thai footmassage consists of rubbing- motions over the entire foot to warm up the foot,where- upon light kneading and acupressure follows.

 thai lana

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