De Sportacademie van S. van Nieuwehuizen

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070 – 345 80 90 (vanaf 19:00 uur)


Het rode gebouwtje vlak bij tram 11
Groot Hertoginnelaan 169
2517 ER Den Haag
TEL. 070 - 345 80 90


Ryukyu Kobujutsu Hozonshinkokai. The arts, weapons and techniques (kata).


Bo is a six- foot staff, which may be tapered at the ends. It is most likely that it was developed from tenbin, a farming tool placed across shoulders with either baskets or sacks hanging from both sides. It is as well possible that it was a simple handle of a rake or a shovel. It could as well be developed from walking sticks which were used by monks or travellers, who travelled great distances on foot. Mostly bo is made from red or white oak and it can in some cases be cut to the height of the user. It is the earliest of Okinawan weapons and consequently one of the earliest weapons in form of staff.

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